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Who is EMED Aesthetic Center

From ancient history to modern day, the human race has sought to codify and possess all that is beautiful. Plato suggested that elements of beauty are to be found in symmetry, harmony, and unity in proportion to all parts. More pointedly is that physical beauty is prized above all else, so much so that beauty has also become a symbol of morality as being a mark of ‘the good’— at least according to modern philosopher Immanuel Kant. Consequently, our society has centered in on a variety of services to address their body image issues – the top services being hair removal, skin care services, and weight loss.

In this day and age, a new generation is emerging; while taxes, income rates, and debt are on the rise hemlines and bikini lines are disappearing. Men and women having a full body of hair is no longer the accepted social norm, as the beauty and fashion industry have turned it into an aesthetic stigmata. Even in art we find that the dominant Greek influence of aesthetics, in artwork, from both Western and Eastern cultures, rarely depict common physical traits such as body hair. There are also other considerations such as time and cost that come into play when choosing the provider that is best for you. This is why…


The friendly staff of Emed Aesthetic Center, in Jacksonville, Florida, understand that each of us have individual needs regarding our body image issues.